What is TRE?

TRE stands for Tension, Stress & Trauma Releasing Exercises. It is an innovative series of exercises that assists the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma and restore an inner state of peace and calm. When this muscular shaking or vibrating mechanism (tremor) is activated in a safe and controlled environment, the body is encouraged to return to a state of balance. TRE has been used successfully in over 30 countries. 

More Information

TRE allows the individual to discharge tension from the body, without “revisiting the story” (verbally describing or talking about the traumatic experience). The therapeutic muscle tremors evoked by the TRE exercise process is a natural, internal, neuro-physiological response of the body’s ability to reduce its own stress and restore a sense of well-being. The gentle series of stretching exercises activate a shaking mechanism, which causes the muscles to relax. Relaxing tense muscle patterns can often reduce stress in the spine, neck, shoulders and pelvis. When tension is released anywhere in the body, the brain registers a reduction in pain signals, producing new hormones that promotes healing.


We at Soul Purpose use TRE as a complementary healing modality to all other therapies offered and in so doing, customize the Healing and Wellness formula perfect for YOU!

Who is TRE for?

TRE is not just for trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress. TRE is for anyone who finds they get charged up in response to the stresses of daily life by getting irritated, frustrated, anxious or worried – and would benefit from unwinding these emotional body based responses to experience greater peace, calmness and freedom in their lives.


Whether you are a parent or spouse who would like more patience with your family, a victim of violence or accident, a person suffering with PTSD, an athlete, or simply a person who wants to become more resilient and just feel better about life, you can benefit from TRE.


Why it makes sense for you:


  • Easy to do - can be taught and facilitated in 4-6 sessions by a registered TRE Practitioner, allowing you to continue doing it at home on your own.

  • Can be done individually or in a group - Very effective if it is well facilitated and regulated.

  • It is safe and suitable for kids above 5 years old - Anyone! Any age! Anytime! – as long as they can safely complete the exercises and self-regulate.

  • The exercises are gentle, easy to learn, and are a simple form of stretching.  

  • Not time consuming – after your initial 4-6 sessions are completed with a practitioner it should take 20 minutes to complete on your own.

  • Ultimately self-empowering as TRE is designed to be a self-help tool.

  • TRE can cross culture and language barriers because it is based on a natural physiological response shared by all human beings.

Benefits of the Practice

Some of the many reported benefits of this practice include:

  • Improved sleep

  • Decreased stress, anxiety, anger and tension.

  • Decreased PTSD symptoms

  • Increased resilience

  • Increased relaxation

  • Improved awareness of the body and mind

  • Reduced muscle & back pain

  • Increased flexibility, mobility, energy levels and autonomy

  • Balances the nervous system

  • Complements speech and other therapies

  • Improves concentration – great results with ADD and ADHD

  • Increase of self -esteem and confidence

  • Relief from chronic medical conditions

  • Assistance with physical traumas (old or new sports injuries and surgeries)

  • Improving of relationships (interpersonal, corporate and political communication) 

New benefits of TRE reveal themselves everyday, as the body releases held tension and traumatic events. Healing occurs on many different levels both physical and emotional. By reducing stress and tension levels within the body, these exercises have secondary benefits that encompass many areas of an individual’s life. TRE is a simple and affordable process, proven effective in restoring the human spirit.

The Process

TRE starts with neurological change, psychological change follows. Trust the tremors to lead the process..


When we come to know the tension in our bodies we open the doorway to begin to re-experience the fullness of life through the release of our chronic and habituated defensive patterns to return ourselves to a state of peace, calm, curiosity and joy that may of us have not experienced since we were young children.

For more information, go the official TRE website.