Founder & Key Therapist

Kareema Mitha

Kareema Mitha is a therapist who offers clients a safe, nurturing and non-judgemental space to work through traumas, anxieties and every day stresses - at a pace set through consultation. Drawing on her experience as a Kinesiologist, TRE Provider and a Life Coach - she also works with children who need assistance with ADD, Learning Difficulties and Allergies.

Kareema runs a multi-faith practise and encourages clients to grow into a space of understanding themselves and embracing their own uniqueness. Based on over a decade of experience in the corporate world as a Chartered Accountant – she understands the pressures of working in a corporate environment, as well as that of being a working mother.  Kareema believes that self-work allows people to free themselves of their past hurts and experiences and live the lives they know they were meant to live.